FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my books online?

Yes. First you need to obtain a Patron ID and Password from the library. Once obtained on the library homepage just click or press the CATALOGUE button which will take you to the Insignia catalogue page for the library, at the very top of the page just above and to the right of “Welcome To Lanark Highlands Public Library” is an underlined hyperlink that says ”My Account” press or click this link, you will now be asked for your Patron ID and Password, input both in the relevant fields and press or click Log in.  Congratulations, you are now in your account, you will see 2 lines of tabs, the third tab from the left on the 2nd line reads “Loan”, press or click on it, you are now looking at all the books you have out on loan, press or click on the small square which is to the left of the title of each book, or click or press “select all” just below the “My Account” button, then press or click on “Renew”.  Well done, your books are now renewed for a further three weeks, if a book has been reserved by another patron you will not be able to renew that book and must return it by the original return date.

How can I find out if the library has a particular book?

On our homepage click or press on the CATALOGUE button, click or press on the “Library” tab then on the search tab (directly underneath the High part of Highlands in the title) then in in the box that reads “enter search criteria here” type in the book title, keyword or author, select which criteria your entering (2nd button to left of search criteria) and press or click the search button, if we have something which corresponds to your search criteria it will be shown below where you may obtain all the pertinent details regarding availability, reserve said book/s (you’ll need to be logged into your account to reserve a book), read reviews, or even write a review yourself

Can I reserve or renew a book over the phone?

Yes. On our homepage press or click the CONTACT US button and you will be taken to the page with our phone number, address, email address and opening hours.

Can we make a donation to the Library?

Yes. We are a charitable organisation, and will issue a tax receipt for any donation over five dollars.

Cash or cheque accepted, please include your full name and mailing address for the tax receipt


If you have other questions about your Library, please contact us.