Foodsmiths BYOB Charity Recipient – September 2021

The Lanark Library has been selected as the recipient of the Foodsmiths Bring Your Own Bag – BYOB – Charity Donation Program for September, 2021!

Benefit the library and the environment by bringing your own bags with you when you shop at Foodsmiths “The Good Food Store” in Perth this month.

How does it work? Foodsmiths BYOB program works by encouraging their customers to reuse and recycle.

  • When a customer uses a cloth or recycled bag for their purchases, they donate 5¢ to charity.
  • When a customer purchases a new paper bag, they donate 10¢ to charity.
  • When a customer purchases a Foodsmiths’ reusable bag, all profits go to charity
  • When a customer purchases a cotton produce bag, a portion of the profits go to charity.

Thanks Foodsmiths “The Good Food Store” for selecting us this month!

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