Return to Curb-side Pick up

Starting on March 18, 2021 the library will be returning to curbside pick-up for all library materials. Printing services will be accessible by email only. This will remain in effect until further notice.

Curbside Pickup will be available during our regular library hours which are:
Tuesday: 10am to 1pm
Wednesday: 1pm to 4pm
Thursday: 10am to 1pm
Friday: 4pm to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 1pm

How to access curb-side pickup:

Place your holds through your online account (contact us if you need your Patron ID & password). You can also call us with your requests or send an email to

Not sure how to place a hold online? Click here to download the instructions to place your own holds on library materials!

When we have pulled your holds we will contact you to arrange for a pickup date and time. You will pick up your materials at the arranged time at the front of the Township office.

Need WiFi?

Unfortunately we cannot offer computer services at this time. The best we can do is provide our WiFi signal. The best spot is in front of the Township building closer to the post office side. The password for the WiFi is: leslielinsley.

Printing Services:

If you need to print anything, please email the document to Please indicate PRINTING in the subject line. Please include your phone number in the message. We will call you back and arrange for a pick-up date and time. We will let you know the cost when we phone you for a pickup time.