TD Summer Reading Program

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The Library will be once again hosting our annual TD Summer Reading Incentive program. You can register for our summer reading program online by clicking the dark blue button further down this page, or by registering in person at the library.

Please note: Children of all ages can (and we hope will) register for our TD Summer Reading Program.There are kits for “pre-readers” because literacy and the joy of reading starts at birth.

Each child who registers will receive a kit that is available in person. Our TD Summer Reading kit contains an activity book, stickers, a web access code for the TD Summer Reading Club online content, a ballot for our end of summer prize, plus some fun extra activities.

Other things happening this summer:

  • Daily/Weekly programming (STEM, crafts & other fun activities) Check out our line-up of programs for July and August!! Printable Versions: July Event Calendar | August Event Calendar
  • Summer Long Scavenger Hunt
  • Escape Room
  • Robotics Camps
  • Take-home craft/STEM kits for ages 0-6 and 7+
  • Weekly worksheets (math, phonics, social/emotional, science)
  • 3rd Annual Touch-A-Truck event

Last year 176 children enrolled in our program and read a total of 10,100 books/chapters books.Let’s beat our record!

Register for our TD Summer Reading Incentive Program - PLINKO!

P.S. Our 4′ tall PLINKO board is back. Each time your kids visit the library, they will show our staff what they read. In return, they get ONE PLINKO chip. Read more than 10 books that week and they earn TWO PLINKO chips.

PLINKO prizes include:

  1. “Mystery” Slot: Things like free ice cream cones from Highlands Country Store, $5 gift certificates at Pretty Goods, Fritz fry truck, Lanark Pizzeria and Dollar World Plus), books, movies, etc.
  2. “Earn an Extra Ballot” Slots: Earn ballots throughout the summer and increase your chances for our end of summer prize draws (there will be three different prizes to choose from)
  3. “Treasure Chest” Slots: Our treasure chest will be filled with an assortment of random and intriguing items. You choose which item you take home with you.

Register now for the 2024 TD Summer Reading Program at the Lanark Highlands Public Library.

What to expect:

  1. Each week the child brings their reading journal booklet with them on their library visit.They show our library staff which books they read and how many.Our staff will give them a sticker and cross off the titles.
  2. To track how many books the community has read as a group, each child will choose the appropriately numbered bingo chips that add up to the total number of books they read (a bit of sneaky math) and drop them in the glass jar.
  3. Depending on the number of books read (1-9 books earn them 1 PLINKO chip, 10 or more earns them two chips) they will be given their PLINKO chip(s).
  4. They will play PLINKO and claim the appropriate prize(s).

**Please note: We look forward to seeing all the kids in the library this summer for lots of visits. Having said that, we have structured this incentive program around a once-a-week visit. If one week you come in for an extra visit, especially if you aren’t able to make it the following week, we are okay with that đŸ˜‰

A Huge Thank You To Our Sponsors – we couldn’t do it without you!

  • Lanark & District Civitan Club (donated $2,250 towards our TD Summer Reading program)
  • Lanark Timber Mart (Toolbox for our one of our end of summer prizes)
  • Lanark Medical Pharmacy (donated money towards our teen programming)
  • Highlands Country Store (Certificates for an Ice Cream Treat)
  • Lanark Village Pets (donated money towards our teen programming)
  • Pretty Goods (gift certificates)
  • Lanark Centex (gift certificates)
  • Balderson Village Cheese Store (Ice cream coupons)
  • Fitz’s Fries (gift certificates)
  • Lanark Pizzeria (gift certificates)
  • Fork in the Road (gift certificates)
  • Village Treats (gift certificates)
  • CFUW for funding our take home literacy kits
  • Elizabeth Kelly Foundation for making our one-on-one tutoring program possible
  • Township of Lanark Highlands (provides us economic support through our operational budget as well as extra funding through the Municipal Community Grant for games and craft supplies)